Woman Walks 3 Miles To Bring Abandoned Dog To Shelter

This woman wanted to make sure the dog had someone to take care of him.

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What would you do if you saw an abandoned animal with no place to go? Most of us would do anything we could to help, but this woman walked three miles to make sure this abandoned dog could get to an animal shelter. 

Lisa Snyder found the dog, Joey, who was originally tied to a light post, with an note attached to his collar. Snyder noticed the dog when walking home from Point Fermin Park in San Pedro, according to CBS Los Angeles.  

Joey's collar read, "My name is Joey. I am looking for a home. Please take care of me!!"

When Snyder found Joey, he was obviously scared. He was barking, snapping and growling, but Snyder was able to calm Joey down, before setting off to find him a new home.

Snyder's first thought was to ask people along the street if they wanted a dog. Then she decided to bring Joey to an animal shelter, which happened to be three miles away.

Snyder would have been happy to take the dog herself, except she had her own difficult situation to deal with, living out of her van with her cats. She wasn't able to bring the dog with her.

Snyder, who also walks with a cane, walked three miles straight to the animal shelter to ensure Joey will have a good home.

She said, "I hope he finds a good family. A forever home. He deserves one. He's a good dog."

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