Woman Who Survived Heart Transplant Dies After Giving Birth

After undergoing a heart transplant back in 2010, all seemed well with Megan Johnson until she experienced fatal complications just hours after giving birth.

In a devastating twist of fate, a woman who survived a heart transplant more than half a decade ago passed away less than one day after giving birth to her first child.

On Tuesday morning, musician Nathan Johnson and his wife, Megan, shared the news of their newborn daughter’s birth on Instagram.

The delivery was smooth; however, things took a turn for the worse when Megan began experiencing complications, according to CBS News.

At the young age of 15, Megan contracted a virus that developed into myocarditis, which is a potentially fatal heart disease. Her health declined as a result, but in 2010 she underwent a heart transplant and had been leading a normal life since.

Sadly, CBS News reports that it’s still unclear what exactly caused Megan’s death after giving birth.

Following her unexpected passing, a GoFundMe account was initiated on her behalf with the goal of raising $40,000. The campaign greatly exceeded that amount, reaching up to more than $300,000 in one day.

Several women also commented on the page, offering breast milk for the newborn baby

"This page has been live for less than 24 hours. You all have raised a quarter of a million dollars. I can't quit crying," wrote friend of the couple, Josh Wilson, on the GoFundMe page. "Nathan and Eilee, we love you. Meg, we miss you. I'm raising the goal again. We're sending this girl to college."

While Megan's passing is heartbreaking and tragic, the support people have shown to ensure a happy future for her daughter is a display of humanity at its best

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