Woman With DUI Found In Thailand

A woman who fled from a DUI sentence in the U.S was found in Thailand.

Kelly Lynn Miller, DUI, Thailand, Phuket

Kelly Lynn Miller, a U.S woman who received a DUI sentence in Alabama a few years back when she killed a Florida man, has been captured in Thailand.

Kelly Lynn was given a sentence of 5 years in prison after pleading guilty in 2007, but she decided to leave the country to avoid becoming a prisoner.

Instead, she became a fugitive.

The woman, to escape her arrest, fled to Phuket, Thailand, where she could not only relax on the beautiful beaches, but avoid being put into handcuffs and serving her sentence.

Kelly Lynn, after years of not being caught, was finally recognized by Phuket tourist police. 

Now, Kelly Lynn has since been deported back to the U.S, where she will certainly do her time. The family of the Florida man who was killed can now be at peace.


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