Woman's Dashcam Busts Dealership Employee Joy Riding In Her Car

What would you do if you discovered that a mechanic you trusted with your vehicle took your car out for a 17 hour joy ride? One Colorado woman's experience will make you just as furious as she was.

Dashcams are doing a lot more than catching police brutality in action, the dashboard camera of a Colorado woman’s Kia Soul caught a mechanic taking her vehicle on several joy rides for a total of 17 hours.  

Veronica Pief brought her vehicle to Peak Kia North in Windsor, Colorado to have her radio repaired.

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She said she expected them to treat her car better than any other dealership, but she received it back with an extra 200 miles on the odometer after one of the mechanics used it to run personal errands throughout the four-days it was in their care.

dashcam footage

Not only was the employee joy riding without Pief’s permission but he blatantly ran a red light while driving it – also captured by the dashcam -- and her radio wasn’t even repaired.

When Pief showed the footage to the dealership management they were cooperative and apologetic. They offered to pay for the extra mileage, cover repairs and buy back her vehicle. They also terminated the reckless employee.

Veronica Pief

Despite the accommodations the dealership offered, Pief said she doesn’t want to take her back to them again (as she shouldn't).

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The dealership sales manager Chelsea Clarke said “It’s important to us that our customers trust us.”

Important to whom? Clearly not to this particular employee who felt his needs were more important than Pief’s “trust” and to not even make the repairs she brought the car in for just adds insult to injury and shows a disregard for providing quality service. Do I smell a lawsuit coming on?

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