Some People Would Still Let Their Daughters And Wives Work With Trump

Despite the fact that Trump talked about grabbing women's genitals and objectified his own daughter for years, there are people who still support him.

Even if Hillary Clinton had wanted to, she would not have been able to inflict as much damage on the Trump campaign as Donald Trump himself has.

The debate is not if the Republican nominee is fit to be president, but whether he should be allowed to roam free after his ambitions of sexual aggression.

That man has a track record of making vile comments about his own daughter. Over a 17-year period talking to Howard Stern, Trump conceded that his daughter was ‘a piece of a**’, and has always been quite voluptuous.

Many of Trump’s closest aides have deserted him. Most prominently, his running mate Mike Pence has refused to defend him. Melania Trump, although she continues to support him, says her husband's words are inexcusable.


But as it turns out, there are still many in the Trump camp who are willing to support a man who objectifies his own daughter and isn't the least bit ashamed over his perverted fantasies.

There are men defending like Corey Lewandowski who went as far as saying that Trump's comments from 2005 are how people talked "around the dining table." (Well, at least we now know the kind of people he dines with.)

"Locker-room talk," by the way, was the most recurring phrase in the defense of Trump's vulgar comments, which is absurd because Trump was nearly a 60-year-old man when he spewed the disgusting comments.


There were other variations of this phrase, such as "crude guy-talk" that Bill O’Reilly, host of Trump's safe-space talk show on Fox News, used.


Lewandowski pointed out the U.S. is not choosing a Sunday school teacher here. Notorious Brexit leader (also Brexit conman) Nigel Farage used the same rhetoric, saying the country is not electing a pope.

Another popular strategy was to point out that former President Bill Clinton has done a lot worse.


“Since Bill Clinton, we’ve seen a steady degradation of what we expect from our public officials,” conservative radio host Stacey Washington said, implying that because Clinton has berated women in his life, Trump should be given a pass.


Trump’s male associates, as expected, defended him. However, what's shocking is that many women from his campaign are also coming up with half-baked excuses for his remarks.

Gina Louden, who wore an expression of shock every time somebody attacked Trump for his statement, thought the country should be grateful that "no-one was raped, nobody has died."

She did.

Because, apparently, people can only be infuriated by those who go on to commit crimes, and not by fully grown, 60-year-old adults who unapologetically show their inclination for it.


Conservative commentator Michele Bachmann dismissed the outrage sparked by his remarks, calling them mere "bad boy talk."

Like most rape apologists, who believe the length of a woman’s skirt, and not the rapist himself, leads to sexual violence, Bachmann tried to excuse his behavior with her version of "boys will be boys."


One unprecedented move from Camp Trump was to point at historical figures like King David, who had "500 concubines, for crying out loud."


At this point, the United States is not especially shocked by Trump’s video; given the fact that he has always been a pathetic sexist and misogynist during the course of his presidential campaign (and practically all his life). 

However, the relentless, mindless defense provided to him by his cronies and surrogates is what is sickening - especially by women who were the main target of his lewd remarks.

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