World’s First Full Face Transplant Is A Success

Surgeons involved in the world's first complete face transplant have hailed the pioneering operation a complete success, saying that the patient is recovering well and has a bright future ahead of him.As reported in Britain's The Times, an unnamed man was operated on at the Vall d'Hebron University Hospital in Barcelona on March 20. A team of 30 surgeons and transplant specialists replaced all parts of his severely disfigured face — that's everything apart from his eyeballs and tongue. "It is a full face transplant, restoring all the bones and no grafts," confirmed Joan Pere Barret, who led the medical team, adding that the young man "has the face of a complete new human being."The farmer, who is in his thirties, was left unable to swallow, speak or breathe without assistance after shooting himself in the face, five years ago. Hearing about the successful case of Isabelle Dinoire, who received the first partial face transplant in 2005, he contacted surgeons to see if he too, could get