Letters Of A WWI Soldier Reach His Granddaughter 95 Years Later

Touching love letters by a WWI soldier to his wife have finally found their way to his granddaughter.

The letters were written 95 years ago during World War I by a solider named Wagoner William “Nathan” Byrd to his wife Lota in Phoenix. They were lost and their whereabouts remained unknown for decades – until now.

His granddaughter, Lisa Byrd Adajian, spent years looking for those letters, not knowing that a complete stranger, Sheryl Caliguire, had found the writings over 30 years ago and had been in possession ever since.

These 25 heart wrenching letters lend an insight to the life of a young man in a war zone and how he missed his young wife and son.

Byrd wrote the first letter in 1918 and throughout all 25 of them; the love for his family was evident despite the distance between them.

“I will be thinking of you while I am marching… I will go with the regiment and be discharged. Then home tout de suite to my own darling girl… Will close with all my love to you and baby… Best wishes to all. I am, as ever, your loving Nathan,” he wrote in 1919.

“My precious girl I will try to pen you a few lines this afternoon. Did not have a chance to write you last night,” he wrote in another one. “That is what I have longed for ever since I left you. I can’t hardly wait for the time to pass.”

Sheryl Caliguire, who found the letters in Highland, California, in 1987, carried them with her to Oklahoma, Texas, New Jersey and then to Pennsylvania, but never found it in her heart to throw them away.

She tried finding the owner for years without any luck till she contacted local television channel ABC15, who traced the whereabouts of the Byrd family, and reunited them with the loving messages from nearly a century ago. 

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