Worldisfukt: How A Newspaper Became An Australian Sensation

The Australian Financial Review accidentally published a disastrous front page containing numerous errors. The erroneous front page is at the centre of a competitive auction on eBay.

The copies of the error-ridden front page of the Australian Financial Review (AFR) are in demand and subjected to competitive auctions on eBay. One even sold for $49.

The fact that the paper was nowhere near ready for publications came out in bold screaming headlines:

“Joe Hockey headline tk here”

 “Japan headline”

And the mother of all:

The hashtag “#Worldisfukt” started trending almost instantly.

Embarrassing right? But there are copies of the special weekend edition on sale for up to$90 out there; so what does that tell you about mistakes and silly situations?

Not bad for a paper that costs $3.30 is it?

But the editor-in-chief still apologized for the mistake.

“The WA edition is the result of a simple error that got through normal quality control and then ended up with an extremely bad result.

“The first thing I want to do is to apologize to Western Australian readers of The Australian Financial Review for the obviously unacceptable state of the front page of their paper this morning. It is an extreme one-off and we are going through our processes to make sure it does not happen again.”

He added that the mistake occurred, ‘when production staff in Sydney pressed a wrong button.’

It was just a bad day for the paper since some editions of the AFR in Sydney were published without a barcode making them difficult for retailers to process and as a result some copies were given away for free.

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