5 Miles Down In The Depths, World’s Deepest Fish Is Discovered

This record breaker fish was discovered in the deepest depth of the ocean, about five miles under the sea...

Ever heard of the phrase ‘there are plenty more fish in the sea,’ well scientists have found one more. 

Discovered at the record breaking depth of about 26,722 ft, scientists have discovered the world’s deepest fish in the western Pacific Ocean. This breaks the previous records of fish being discovered by about 500ft.

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The record breaker fish is thought to be a snail fish. Caught on camera, the ghostly-looking fish has a tadpole-like body, and has a large head, small eyes but no scales.

"We think it is a snail fish, but it's so weird-looking; it's up in the air in terms of what it is," says Alan Jamieson, a deep-sea biologist at Aberdeen University, who co-led the expedition. He also added, “You can see its liver through the side and it is unbelievably fragile and looks like it has a wet tissue paper floating behind it”. He also said that the fish looks like a cartoon dog snout. 

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However Jamieson and his colleagues believe that there’s a limit to how deep can a fish live and this fish is the new record holder. The scientist also added, “When you get to 8,200 meters, there’s no way a theoretical fish can produce more.”

According to Jamieson these new fish may very well be permanent record holders.