WOW! Christmas Dreams Come True With Layaway Payoff In Tulsa

'Secret Santa' donor pays off 127 delinquent layaways.

Talk about a holiday angel! 

Layaway items for 127 families at a Tulsa, Oklahoma Wal-Mart were about to expire and go back on the shelf. The items included lots of toys and other gift items. 

However, an amazing "secret Santa" stepped in.

The mysterious donor approached the The Salvation Army to help coordinate the generous move. He paid off all of the delinquent layaway bills. And that's not all. 

He added a $100 gift card for each family. Then he requested that the Salvation Army to buy toys for needy kids on the Angel Tree and add it to his tab.  The Salvation Army Angel Tree is a holiday program designed to raise gifts to assist families who are in crisis as a result of medical issues, unemployment, homelessness or other difficult circumstances.

Major Jim Taylor with the Salvation Army said he didn't even know who the donor was and in his 27 years as an officer, he's never seen anything like it.

"You have someone step up and say, 'It's in my heart, it's just in my heart to do something special. I have the ability. I want to do something special. Can you help me do it,'" Taylor said.

Happy holidays!

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