#wrinkledwoman Fights Back Against Russian Official

Russian women are taking selfies with scrunched-up noses to protest an official’s defense of child marriage.


Pavel Astakhov, a top children’s rights official in Russia, defended the marriage of teenage girls to older men in a recent interview , saying it was necessary because (according to him) woman are wrinkled by age 27.

"Let's not be hypocrites. There are places where women are already shriveled at age 27, and by our standards they look like they're 50. And, in general, the [Russian] Constitution forbids interference in citizens' personal lives,” he said. His comments were in response to the marriage of a Chechnyan police chief, believed by local media to be between 46 and 57 to a 17-year-old girl.

Russian women responded by taking to Twitter, sporting a wrinkled nose and the hashtag #wrinkledwomen, or #?????????????????.


Did I tell you Russia is extremely sexist? Some jerks do think they have the right to offend all the women and yet justify marriages of grown up men with under aged girls. One of men, #Astakhov, told that in some parts of Russia 27 years old women look like "wrinkled 50 y.o." thus proving it's okay for a fifty years old man to marry a seventeen years old girl. Btw, that hypocritical shauvinist is in charge of protecting children rights in Russia. I want to address women of all the world: no matter how old, you belong to yourself only. Ageing is not disgusting, men who tell you this are. You are free to do whatever you want and you are not defined by the men you have or you had. Marriage is not a top goal either as women are not just byproducts for men's use. Please radiate extreme self love. #????????????????? #fuckyou #russia #fury #??????? #wrinkledwoman

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Perhaps too quick to criticize, Astakohv’s face is not completely wrinkle-free itself.  However, he did have a few nice things to say. In response to the abundant criticism, Astakhov posted this as an apology:

Translation: “Women of all ages are beautiful and delightful. God created Women so that we could love them, defend them, take care of them and sing their praises. An awkward comparison, a reckless word, a reasoning taken out of context cannot change my attitude to the Fairer Sex. I loved them, I love them, and I will love and respect them! I apologize for the mistake!”

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