Wrong Ryan Lanza: Fox News & Drudge Report Posts Photo Of Fake Newtown Shooter

In a rush for clicks, the Drudge Report didn't bother to check if their Newtown shooter was A Ryan Lanza or THE Ryan Lanza.

Today is a bad day to be named Ryan Lanza. The shooter in the Newtown CT massacre has been identified as Ryan Lanza, and in a desperate rush to be the first to post a picture of the Newtown elementary school killer, Fox News posted a picture of a different Ryan Lanza--not the Newtown shooter, as did the Drudge Report. It turns out they simply heard that the Newtown killer was named Ryan Lanza, and found the facebook picture of a guy named Ryan Lanza.

There are many Ryan Lanzas. Only one shot and killed at least 27 people, many of them children, in Newtown CT, and that Ryan Lanza is dead.

Fox News, ever diligent, posted a picture of the wrong Ryan Lanza:

Here is Drudge's wrong Ryan Lanza:

And here is that Ryan Lanza defending himself. Again, the fact that he can defend himself proves him innocent, because the Newport killer Ryan Lanza is dead:

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