This Is What Yemen Looks Like After Saudi Arabia’s Military Operation

At least 62 children have been killed, according to the figures released by the UN Children's Fund..

Houthi rebel forces in Yemen have been pushed out of the port city of Aden where they had seized the presidential palace on Thursday, according to a Saudi-led coalition spokesman.

“Houthi rebels and forces loyal to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh have failed to take control over any government buildings in the southern city,” Brig. Gen. Ahmed Asiri said in a televised press conference, according to Al Arabiya News.

As rebels withdraw from Aden, concerns about civilians are increasing.

"It was just a gimmick, and they were never going to be there for a long time," Muhamed Qubaty, a former political advisor to Yemeni government was quoted by Al Jazeera.

"The bigger issue is the continued suffering of the civilians," he added.

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Hundreds of people have died and thousands others have been injured and displaced as a result of the military operation which was launched by Saudi Arabia on March 27, according to World Health Organization.

“Communities across Yemen have been caught up in attacks and cross-fire, endangering the lives and health of the young and old, and even people already displaced by violence,” said Dr. Ahmed Shadoul, WHO Representative in Yemen.

At least 62 children have been killed and 30 injured during clashes in Yemen over the past week, according to the figures released by the UN Children's Fund.

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The increase in civilian death toll has prompted outrage from anti-war activists in Yemen who are now using the hashtag #KefayaWar – Arabic for “enough war” – calling for an end to Saudi military assault.

An armed man walks on the rubble of houses destroyed by an air strike near Sanaa Airport 


Smoke rises from a milk factory hit by an air strike in Yemen's western port city of Houdieda.

People gather at the site of an air strike in Yareem city of Yemen's central province of Ibb  

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