Yemeni Girl From YouTube Defends Herself Against Allegations!


Nada Al-Ahdal , the young Yemeni girl who fled her home to escape an early marriage, was approached by CNN for a follow up interview.

Her previous interview had created quite a few ripples on the internet, including a few of a doubtful nature.

In the recent interview she seemed determined and defiant while she answered questions and talked about her ambition.

"I ran away from marriage," she said. "I ran away from ignorance. I ran away from being bought and sold."

Yemen's interior ministry placed Nada in a women's shelter. Ramzia Al-Eryani, one of Yemen's leading women's rights activists and president of the Yemen Women's Union, was appointed Nada's temporary legal guardian until the dispute could be settled.

Faced with her parents, uncle, and Ramzia Al-Eryani, Nada cries and pleads to be believed!

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