You Meant To Screw That Up, Right? State Senator's Attack On Evolution Breaks Stupid-Meter

Louisiana State Senator Mike Walsworth is either intentionally misunderstanding how evolution supposedly works, or his voters ought to think about electing someone less dense.

Louisiana legislators are pushing hard to get creationism taught in public schools. This, of course, involves attacking the "enemy" of creationism, evolution, as insubstantial and unproven.I have a request for people who want to make this case: please know what the hell you are talking about. In other words, don't be Louisiana State Senator Mike Walsworth:

For the first 50 seconds of this 62 second video, I have only one quibble with Sen. Walsworth's line of questioning. The phrase "proves [evolution] beyond a shadow of a doubt," which he used when asking the professor if there is any such proof of Darwin's theories. Evolution is a theory in the same way that gravity is: it is a way of explaining phenomena we observe again and again, and while there are experiments that show the theory in action (which the professor describes), the assumption of evolution is the backbone of large sections of biology, and asking for a single experiment on which the merits of evolution must stand is reducing the other side's argument to something he can tackle.

So, that's aggravating, but not the reason I bothered to show you this clip. That comes at 51 seconds when Senator Mike Walworth interrupts the teacher describing an experiment in which ecoli bacteria were shown to evolve over time with this little doozy:

"They evolve into a person?"

Sigh. This is the ultimate refuge of creationists, the assertion that if evolution is real, then it must be evoloving humans all the time at a visible pace, from any (every?) species. It's an intentional misunderstanding of the evolutionist's case. It's not wrong to be a creationist (I think it's factually incorrect, but not morally wrong), but one must understand that creationism is a belief that must persist in spite of enormous evidence in favor of evolution. If one wants to believe the Bible as literally true, there is so much from geology, archaeology and yes, evolutionary biology that one must disavow, that I don't think of it as a fight worth having.

Also, if your line of attack is to reduce the argument for evolution to a single experiment and then attack that experiment for not turning bacteria into people, then, well, you are both trying too hard and not trying at all.

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