You Won't Believe Why This 9-Year-Old Was Accused Of Sexual Harassment

A Tampa, Florida fourth grader was threatened with sexual assault charges before he's even old enough to know what it means.

Sexual harassment is, no doubt, a serious offense … but what happens when the person being accused is only 9 years old?

It sounds absurd … but it’s really happening.

A Tampa, Florida fourth grader has been passing love notes to a girl at school who he thinks is “pretty and cute.” He also likes her hair and thinks her eyes “sparkle like diamonds,” according to the letters he passed to her.

The boy’s peers found out about the notes he had been sending his crush and started teasing him, taking his innocent expression of admiration and making it something vulgar by saying he wanted to see the girl naked.

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The principal got involved and the boy was told to stop passing notes or he could be faced with sexual harassment charges.

(And what about punishment for the bullies??)

“My 9-year-old doesn’t even know what sexual harassment means,” the boy’s mother reportedly said in a video interview.

Although sexual harassment sounds extreme for elementary school puppy love, the school administration says the boy wrote multiple notes and they were unwanted which is what straddles the fence of harassment.

Passing any kind of notes during class is generally frowned upon because its considered a distraction and it’s rude when a teacher is trying to teach, so of course we would expect a little discipline for him breaking school rules but there is no valid reasoning behind equating complimentary, juvenile notes to sexual harassment. 

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