Young Sikh Boy Shares Disturbing Video Of Being Harassed, Called A Terrorist

“Kids being racist to me and calling me an Afghani terrorist,” says the young boy.

The disturbing video has been posted online by a young Sikh boy, Harsukh Singh. It shows him being bullied by his classmates and called a “terrorist.”

The young boy, wearing a traditional Sikh turban, tells the camera the kids are “being racist at me” while a young girl is leaning over a seat behind the boy, pointing at him and yelling “terrorist, terrorist!”

“Quit filming us, Harsukh,” she said.

“I can’t if you’re being racist to me m-----r f------s,” Harsukh replies.

It is not the first time the Sikh community has been harassed like this. Ever since 9/11 and the war on terror, they have experienced increased racism as people associate Sikh turbans and beards with Islam and hence terrorism.

"Please dont act like this towards people like me. If u dont know im not muslim im sikh [sic]," the boy says in a heartfelt YouTube description.

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