YouTube Banned In Tajikistan After Video Of President Emomali Rahmon Dancing Goes Viral (VIDEO)

This is probably the silliest possible excuse to ban YouTube ever.

The video streaming website is known for being blocked in different countries mostly over controversial video clips featuring violence or religious abuse or extremism. But in Tajikistan, a rather odd incident resulted in the ban of YouTube.

A video featuring President of Tajikistan, Emomalii Rahmon, was uploaded in the last week of May this year through different accounts. It featured Rahmon singing a duet with another guest at a wedding ceremony and the president also showed off some of his dancing skills. The uploaded video went viral within days and YouTube was ordered to be blocked in the country, again.

Previously, the website in the country was bannedlast year for more than two years amid fears of an anti-government activism in the country.

The head of Tajikistan’s Association of Internet Providers, Asomiddin Atoev has told a Russian news agencythat order to block the site came from the state communications agency and no particular reason was disclosed whatsoever.

Last year, YouTube was banned in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan on September 17, 2012 over the streaming of a blasphemous film ‘Innocence of Muslims’. The short-film hurt the emotions of Muslims all over the world. The ban on the video streaming website was inevitable, as it has been blocked twice before over similar issues in Pakistan. But it didn’t help as people are still using the website through different proxy sites.

The internet is abuzz with conversations making fun of Emomalii Rahmon and his decision to ban YouTube because this has somehow helped the video to go even more viral outside Tajikistan. The ban has also caused much damage to Rahmon’s reputation as a ruler. One wonders if it would prove to be of any use at all.

You can watch the controversial (or maybe not so controversial) dance performance of Emomalii Rahmon in the video above.

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