This Family Made $1 Million Just By Posting Their Toy Videos On YouTube

Family Has YouTube, Toys To Thank For $1M Fortune.

Mark and Rhea

A decade after its birth, YouTube may still not be making Google any money, but it surely has turned many video enthusiasts into millionaires.

One such success story is that of California-based couple – Mark and Rhea – whose YouTube channel has earned them more than a million dollars, and they expect to more than double their earnings in the next 12 months.

What they do is simply shoot videos of their children – 5-year-old Hulyan and 3-year-old Maya – unboxing and then playing their toys. Once they go up on YouTube, they get millions of hits, which in turn bring in the advertising and sponsor money.

Theirs is the 42nd most watched channel on YouTube and gets an average of 3million views per day. Of course, things thing just take off for them from the get go. In fact, the husband and wife duo first launched their channel in 2007 and wouldn't post their first toy video until 2010. But after some tweaking and hard work, they are now reaping the benefits with both hands.

“We started uploading toy videos in late 2010 and finally hit the jackpot in 2013," Mark told Yahoo. “In 2014, our YouTube income skyrocketed dramatically. We’ve made more than a million [dollars] between 2010 to 2014. We started our channel in 2007, but most of the old videos we uploaded were junk.”

The popularity of their videos is such that both of them have quit their day jobs and now just produce two videos per day.

“We do the filming and editing ourselves,” Mark said. “Yes, we do buy expensive toys, but they are part of the capital. We are getting paid for what we do. It costs us nothing, to be honest, because we love what we do. That’s the way I see it.”

But if you think it's the exclusive access to expensive toys that makes Mark's videos so special, you'd be wrong. The man believes it's his interaction with his family that makes all the difference:

“Give me a cheap happy meal toy and I will make a video out of it that will surely receive hundreds of thousands of hits,” he added. “It’s not about the toys we show. It’s about our family, about how we interact with each other as a whole. Showing the viewers the right chemistry in our family is the secret recipe.”

To know what the Hulyan Maya videos are all about, hit the play button below:


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