Zebra On The Loose: Staff At A Japanese Zoo Hold Annual Animal Escape Drill (Video)

A zebra is on the lose at a zoo in Tokyo. But not to worry it’s the staff at a Japanese zoo holding the annual animal escape drill. The words spreads quickly. Visitors are rushed to safety and the staff secure the exits with nets.

Then from around the corner- the beast is spotted. He charges the net- and bam! The wild animal knocks unconscious one of the staff members before darting off again.

Finally, he's cornered. With a tranquilizer riffle, and a sharp eye- a staff member takes him down. He tries to hold on, but can't resist. Is he really out? Here, use this stick to check.

And viola! The annual escape drill at the Tama Zoological Park is deemed a success! It's all part of a preparedness plan to raise the staff's awareness in the event of a real animal escape.

Every year, the newest zoo employee is required to play the part of the escaped animal. Although it's safe to say, a man in a fuzzy costume is not the same as catching a real animal.
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