This Poor Country's Rich President Is Hosting The Wildest Birthday Party Ever

Elephants, lions and impalas are just some of the wild animals whose meat will be served at the longstanding president's 91st birthday.


Zimbabwe has one of the weakest economies in the world, but that has never stopped its nonagenarian President Robert Mugabe from hosting lavish birthday parties year after year. It will be no different for his 91st birthday.

Mugabe will reportedly host a massive birthday bash outside Victoria Falls on Feb. 29, and has invited 20,000 guests for his big day. Attendants will be served with a wide array of sumptuous dishes made from all kinds of meat, including that of wild animals like lions and elephants.

A local businessman named Tendai Musasa has donated $120,000 worth of game meat and a lion trophy, which will be used at Mugabe's party. Of course, a generous gesture like this earn massive favors from the president in the long run, but the local villagers aren't happy about it because those benefits never trickle down to them.

Musasi says he has sent Mugabe two buffaloes, two elephants, a lion, two sables and five impalas – all of which will be slaughtered a few days before Mugabe's shindig.


Last year, Mugabe's exorbitant birthday celebrations cost almost $1 million, most of which purportedly came out of donations and state funds but not his own pocket. The year before, the poverty-stricken country's central bank presented its infamous dictator with an 89-kilogram cake and minted gold coins in his honor.

Zimbabwe's per capita income stands at a paltry $589 – far lower than the rest of sub-Saharan Africa's, and Mugabe's policies are widely believed to be the reason behind the economic plight. But while the Zimbabwean public has fought record hyperinflation and unemployment rates, Mugabe has filled up his pockets with both hands. His current net worth is estimated at $10 million.

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