Zuckerberg's Facebook Announcement: $25 Million To Fight Ebola

The announcement on Facebook is widely praised. But is it enough?

The worst Ebola outbreak on record is testing global response and more countries are predicted to face the infection. But Mark Zuckerberg is giving the United States a leg up. 

With over 5,000 Facebook shares in less than 30 minutes, Zuckerberg's announcement that he's pledging $25 million to the CDC is being widely praised. 

The Facebook founder promised to give the millions to the Center for Disease Control to help fight the illness that's killing thousands and spreading outside of West Africa. 

Comments by Zuckerberg fans were largely positive. 

Others weren't sure that it's Zuckerberg's responsibility to fund research. He quickly responded defending his donation. 

With such a large donating making headlines, will this generous pledge spark more wealthy and high-profile people to step up? And if they do, will it make a difference? 




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