10 Of The Funniest #FIFAarrest Memes, Photoshops And Cartoons

The Internet's jokesters had a field day following the arrest of seven FIFA officials.

Corruption inside FIFA has been probably the worst-kept secret in the history of sports management. For years folks have suspected that football's governing body has been playing dirty but a lack of action or even probing by authorities had frustrated them.

However, that changed on Wednesday (May 27) when the American FBI arrested seven high ranked FIFA officials on charges of wire fraud, racketeering and money laundering. The news was music to the years of millions of fans who had put up with FIFA's baffling decisions over the years. As is the custom these days, they took their celebration over to social media and made memes, cartoons and photoshops under the hashtag #FIFAarrests.

Some of the funniest visual jokes cracked at FIFA's expense are as under:

The cover of EA's next FIFA 16 video game:

#FIFAarrest Memes


Blatter is having his say on the arrests



Cartoonists take pen to Twitter and sketch the scandal

FIF Aarrest memes


Curious scenes in Zurich airport security.

Top FIFA officials arrested amid corruption scandal


FIFA is next level shi*



That's FIFA Congress for you:

FIF Aarrest case


Did you also get this error?

FIFA corrupt


Another FIFA 16 cover:

fifa corruption


Plots for new FIFA-inspired TV series?

FIFA scandal

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