13 Head-Kick Knockouts Straight From Hell

These head-kicks didn't just put fighters to sleep, they nearly decapitated them.

Head Kick Knockouts

Due to MMA and boxing hogging the mainstream combative sports, fighting disciplines like Muay Thai or Kickboxing don't get the attention they deserve. The art of kicking in particular is the most affected by this snub. Quality head-kick knockouts are few and far between, which is why we bring to you 13 such memorable KOs.


1. Epic karate kick knockout


2. The classic flying front kick

flying front kick


3. Here's another one

flying front kick


4. Raymond Daniels' 360-spinning back kick

Raymond Daniels


5. The rolling thunder

The Rolling Thunder


6. That guy went to sleep before hitting canvas

Head Kick Knockouts


7. A Lyoto Machida special

Lyoto Machida


8. Vitor Belfort's spinning back heel kick

Vitor Belfort kick


9. Super slo mo of a head kick

head kick


10. That face says it all

head kick


11. Capoeira spinning kick

Capoeira spinning kick


12. Incredible rolling karate head kick KO


13. And another spinning front kick because you can never have too many of them

spinning front kick

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