5 Own Goals Scored In a Match That Both Teams Desperately Wanted To Lose

Why would a football team not want to win? Own goals are rare in football, but a recent match in Indonesia produced five of them.

In fact, none of the goals were scored in the right goal as PSS Sleman reluctantly won the match 3-2 against PSIS Semarang.

In the shocking footage of the game, the two teams can be seen deliberately conceding goals to hand the win to the other side. Goalkeepers didn’t seem to care at all, as backpasses are allowed to drift into their own nets without even a hint of a defense.

According to fan mail received by 101greatgoals.com, the own goals galore and the desire to lose was due to the winner having to face Pusamania Borneo FC, a club infamous for its strong mafia connections. Hence, in order to get out of that would-be predicament, both the teams badly wanted to lose the game.

Crime, match fixing and the mafia's presence is nothing new in Indonesian football. In fact, from 2004 to 2011, the Football Association of Indonesia was run – at times even from his jail cell – by a convicted criminal-cum-politician named Nurdin Halid.

Following the scrutiny of the lousy match by the international press, the current chief executive of the Indonesian League, Joko Driyono, vowed to get to the bottom of this mess. Let's hope he does that and clears Indonesia's "beautiful game" from these dilutions.

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