What Parents Would Possibly Let First-Graders MMA Fight? These Winners.

The two young'uns put on a good show, but not everyone liked it.


This footage of an MMA fight between two Armenian kids has met with mixed response in the combative sport's growing community.

The fight took place in Armenian Fighting Championship a few years ago, but the video still goes viral from time to time. It has everything from weigh-ins to actual fight and even the winner's animated celebrations.

Once the fight begins, Minas Avagyan, 6, takes down his older opponent Hayk Tashchyan, 7, before pummeling him and securing an early stoppage. The cute kid then does the famous Tito Ortiz victory routine too before hugging it out with his beaten rival.

While some MMA aficionados find the amateur fight interesting, and in no way different to other sports played at youth levels, some are concerned by the threat of physical damage that competitive fighting at this tender age poses.

Those concerned by the safety point to the lack of head gear to add further credence to their point. But to be fair, the thick padding on their gloves means there wasn't much chance of a serious injury. It was basically a show of MMA skills and nothing more.

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Despite MMA's rising popularity, it's difficult to convince critics that it's a proper sport like any other and not just outright savagery. But in this case, even those fans who usually enjoy MMA fights view this one as an underage contest, which in their opinion, should not have been allowed. Perhaps they don't consider MMA a healthy sport because no other sport is deemed alright for adults but unsafe for young ones.

It is pertinent to mention here that despite its apparent brutality, MMA remains a relatively safe sport compared to other fighting disciplines like boxing or even football.

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