62-Year-Old MMA Fighter Knocks Out Young Opponent With Spinning Back Fist

Forty-five years of fighting and a hard life hasn't slowed this grandpa one bit.

wayne fu

A typical MMA fighter's career ends around the 40 mark or even earlier. Only the most well-conditioned and the fittest – like Randy Couture – can stay competitive in old age, which is why this elderly man's MMA debut is so impressive.

Down below is a certain Wayne "Fu" Smallwood, who fought his first MMA fight at the ripe age old of 62. His opponent was a young buck named Weeg Hewson. A mismatch like this could happen only in Alaska since they don't have a fighting commission there.

Anyway, with Mr. Fu being a sexagenarian, one would expect him to get his butt handed to him. It did start badly for him with Heeson manhandling Fu for the most part. But out of nowhere, Fu unleashed a spinning back fist that floored Heeson. And although he got back up, the ref decided he was in no shape to continue against his much older opponent.

By the way, Fu isn't just long in the tooth, he is also apparently homeless and drinks a lot too. If he can knock out fighters half his age in this condition, just imagine what he would have been like in his youth. He got his black belt in Shotokan karate in 1976 and has been fighting for a living ever since. It's clear that despite such a long fighting career and a hard life, Fu hasn't lost any of his knock out power.

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