66 Surfers Ride A Single Board And Set New World Record

That many people would be a challenge even on a boat – let alone a surfboard.

Surfing in California, California surfers set world record when 66 ride one board

It's hard to surf with just you alone on the board, so just imagine what it would've been like when 66 crazy surfers rode a single board for the chance to chase down a world record.

You heard that right – 66

The 66 surfers teamed up at Huntington Beach, California and jointly surfed for 12 seconds on a 42-foot that was designed for this purpose only, the BBC reports.

To be honest it looks a bit like a boat full of people but a closer inspection would tell you that this crowd is hanging 10 together.

Their reward for the ride is a new Guinness world record. These crazy 66ers shattered the previous record of 47 surfers riding a single board, a record set 10 years ago in Queensland, Australia.

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