7 Lessons Argentina Should Learn From Brazil's Horrible Loss to Germany

July 9, 2014: Mrs. Roosevelt once said: "Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself."

The Germans proved on Tuesday night that they still have it – the power to fight and come on top. By subjecting poor Brazilians to the merciless and utterly brutal torture long after they had given up, the German team proved their mettle.

To make sure that another South American giant doesn't get mauled at the hands of a hardworking European side, this is what Argentina needs to NOT do in their game against Netherlands tonight:


Picking a Canada-Based Player; it's not Ice Hockey!

If you're picking a 34-year-old goalie who played just 7 times last season, and that too for Toronto FC in the MLS, you're just inviting trouble.

Just so you know, the man in question – Julio Cesar – conceded 7 goals from a total of just 10 on-target shots against the Germans.


Aging Defenders

World Cup semis are not where you hand starting berths to defenders long past-their-prime just because of their experience. It didn't work with Maicon, it won't work with Martin Demichelles!


Going Too Young

It also doesn't mean to throw in 21-year-olds in the line of fire at the grandest of stages. Argentina are in a similar situation to Brazil, as their star winger Angel Di Maria is also out injured. Instead of experimentation, they should go with a safer option.


Over Exuberant Wingbacks

Another bad idea is to pick wingbacks who can't defend to save their lives. We're looking at you Marcos Rojo!


Plan B

Concepts such as tiki-taka and Total Football are all good but there are times when they don't work. Sometimes, the best approach to attack is simply hoofing the ball forward. Brazil didn't have the required personnel for a Plan B and neither does Argentina. God help them!


Parking the Bus

Brazil When it's time to park the bus, the bus should be parked, because 3-0 is a lot more respectable than say, 7-1. There is nothing dignified about taking a severe pounding no matter how pro-football your tactics are.


Already Dreaming of the Final

Ever since Brazil won the rights to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup, their fans have automatically assumed that playing in the final is a given. It's a privilege that is earned one step at a time.

The Argentines should focus on the semi-final in front of them rather than dreaming of joining Germany in the final already.

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