7 Most Heartwarming Moments of World Cup 2014

July 14, 2014: The central theme of the 2014 World Cup was crying, and moments like these provide the fuel for bawling eyes.

Owing to the economical and social situation of its host country, the 2014 FIFA World Cup had more than its share of controversies.

The protests, the street violence, reports of racist behavior and fans' aggression against their underperforming teams were just a few of the reasons why the latest installment of football's biggest competition was not the best one ever.

However, buried underneath this heap of negativity are a few rare gestures of generosity and kindness that would warm anyone's heart. Here they are:

David Luiz Consoling James Rodriguez

James Rodriguez was without a doubt the competition's best player until his team got paired with Brazil in the knockout stages. Having been ousted by the hosts, the young Colombian burst into tears only to be consoled by opposition players David Luiz and Dani Alves.


The Saddest Old Man In Brazil

When Brazil was knocked out of the World Cup in the most humiliating manner, it broke their fans' heart. One memorable heartwarming story that came out of it was that of a sad old man who clutched on to his fake World Cup trophy for the entirety of the game. After the defeat though he handed the replica to a German fan, and the whole episode went viral online.


Greece's Refusal to Accept World Cup Bonuses

Football players are rich, but they are not known to turn down incoming pay checks. But the Greece national football team did just that. They were due their bonuses for playing the World Cup but they refused it so that their country's football association can build a new training center.

In an open letter, the Greek team wrote: “We do not want extra bonus, or money. We only play for Greece and its people. All we want is for you to support our effort to find a land and create a sports center that will house our National Team.”


Algerian Players' Decision to Donate Their Earnings

Even nobler was the incredible gesture of the Algerian national football team. Unlike the Greeks, the Algerians don't actually all ply their trade in the cash-rich leagues of Europe. So, when the news came out that they will be donating all of their World Cup 2014 earnings to Palestinians in Gaza, it made a lot of people reach out for Kleenex.

They need it [$9 million] more than us," said the team’s star Islam Slimani.


Neymar And The Pitch Invader

With security guards fast approaching him, an 8-year-old pitch invader thought he is in for some rough treatment for trying to meet his idols. But Brazil superstar Neymar spotted the situation and intervened before taking the boy on a special VIP tour.

They may have forgotten how to play footy, but their manners are still all there.


Taxi Driver's Honesty

Finding a bag full of World Cup tickets in World Cup season would tempt even the most honest of men to sell it for profit, but not Brazilian taxi driver Adilson Luiz da Cruz. His passengers forgot 40 tickets in his back seat but instead of taking them over he went back and returned them.


Mark Bresciano And The Paraplegic Escort

Before his team's crucial encounter with Chile, Australian midfielder noticed that that one of his escort's shoes was untied. The boy was on crutches, so Bresciano took it upon himself to kneel down and tied it for him. The Aussies crashed out, but Bresciano made himself a hero.


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