Towering Yao Ming Makes These Sports Stars Look Tiny

Don't make the mistake of posing for a photo with Yao Ming.

Since he retired from the NBA, Yao Ming has become a regular at social events. His towering 7'6 stature means that fans as well as other sports stars flock to take a photo with him. It's all good fun until the picture comes out to show a man towering over a mesmerized kid.

Down below are seven sports stars who would not be considered short, but who end up looking miniaturized when seen standing next to "The Great Wall of Yao."

Shaquille O'Neal (7'1)

Shaq may be big, but Yao is only half impressed.


J.J. Watt (6'5)

J.J. Watt is a man-mountain in the NFL. With Yao at his side, though, he looks more like a molehill than a mountain.


Novak Djokovic (6'2)

It's Nole getting the shirt here. You know how we can tell? It's not size XXXXXL.


Roger Federer (6'1)

The Swiss maestro is probably wondering what it'd be like receiving serves from Yao.


John Daly (5'11)

The unconventional golfer met Yao in China recently, and he was instantly in awe.


Manny Pacquiao (5'7)

Manny did himself no favors posing for a photograph with Chairman Yao.


Mugsy Bogues (5'3)

FYI, Mugsy is the shortest player in the history of the NBA.

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