This Is Why American Sports Rock!

School is in session! From a sporting point of view, the United States and Canada are in a world,all of their own.

American Sports

The Big 4 sports of Basketball, Football, Ice Hockey and Baseball dominate this part of the world but the rest of our globe's population doesn't care about them. Similarly, as big as soccer is around the world, it has a very small market here in the United States.

Due to these two sporting realms operating at a massive distance from each other, both have their fare share of positives and negatives.

So what can soccer and other sports learn from sports like the NBA, the MLB, NHL and NFL? All of this:



How often do we see teams struggling for their mere survival stage an enormous comeback and be back in the Playoffs picture in the NBA? This is not such a common sight in soccer and other sports. Take a look at the example of the Washington Wizard had one of the least talented rosters in the league a few seasons ago but now have a solid side. American sports are built in a way that every team gets a chance to taste at least moderate success after a down cycle, whereas in other sports there is little to no concept of sharing.

Draft System

Draft System

This is where the concept of parity becomes even more prominent in sports in the United States. Instead of letting the talent pool operate itself as a free market, the league management allows weaker sides to pick first. Such a system is absent in the rest of the world, which is why teams are often found bickering over promising players. The bigger sides poach all the elite talent, and become more formidable than ever.

Salary Cap

Salary Cap

After decades of urging, UEFA – Football's governing body in Europe – did introduce Financial Fair Play. The system is aimed at curbing the financial backing of sugar daddies of free spending clubs. This is sort of a salary cap that has existed in NBA, NFL, etc for a long time.Again, it promotes parity and keeps the clubs' debt in check.

All-Star Game

All-Star Game

Football very rarely gets to see the crème-de-la-creme of its world on the same field, competing against each other as part of two teams of 11. This, however, is a regular fixture in North America. Just imagine how great a Europe v Rest of the World game would be in Football.

Swift and Just Handling Of Racism Issues

The NBA's handling of the whole Donald Sterling affair shows how keen that sport is to get rid of what little traces of racism are still left in its system. On the other hand, colored players are regularly racially abused and harassed in Europe, where the authorities are more concerned with filling up their pockets instead of paying attention to the real issues.

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