9 Most Unexpected Outcomes of LeBron James' 'The Decision'

July11, 2014: Here are all the possible unexpected moves King James could make as part of the latest episode of his 'The Decision.'

The Decision 2.0 is almost upon us, which means it's that time when LeBron James gets to decide where he will spend the next few years of his basketball career.

The wait, the anxiety and the surprising nature of the decision could take its toll on some fans. After all, not everyone is mentally and physically equipped to endure that level of distress.

So, in order to take a bit of sting out of the shock that the Miami Heat superstar's decision could induce on all of us, we've come up with a list of the most unexpected outcomes of the impending Decision.


Goes Back Home, But Signs With Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns

Jordan, after his first retirement, went on to pursue an alternative career in baseball. James could also do that right now, but with football. He was just as good at football in high school as he was at playing basketball, so his switch would make a lot more sense than Jordan's did. So, how about going back home to Cleveland, but signing with the Browns instead of the Cavaliers?


Re-Signs With The Heat, But As a Coach

LeBron James

Despite the SuperFriends all opting out of their deals, the Miami Heat still remains the most likely option for LeBron. Hence, it wouldn't be a surprise if he accepts their max offer. However, truly mind-boggling would be him asking to sign on as a coach rather than a player. Eric Spoelstra will not be a happy man.


Takes Retirement Because MJ Did It Too

LeBron James

Michael Jordan had two retirements in his career. It's clear that LeBron is chasing everything that MJ achieved. If he wants parity with the great one in the championships department, he might also want the same with retirements. Instead of choosing either of the Heat or the Cavs, he could retire and then come back after a few seasons to challenge himself.


Teams Up With MJ In Charlotte

LeBron James

The Charlotte Hornets aren't in for LeBron's signature and can't afford him, but both these issues are solvable. If he shows interest, MJ can free up some change from his $1 billion profile and let this epic team-up happen.


Become Rick Ross' New Sidekick

LeBron James

Because Maybach Music CEO is so cool...


Announces He Won't Reveal His Decision Unless Carmelo Does His

LeBron James

The two have always been in competition, you know.


Signs With a Novo Basquete Brasil Club

LeBron James

Since LeBron announced his decision to test free agency waters two weeks ago, the media has kept a close watch on him. Wherever he has gone, speculation has followed that he is having secret meetings with reps of interested franchises. He is scheduled to head to Brazil this weekend, supposedly to watch the World Cup final. What if it's all a lie and his actual purpose of his visit is to sign for one of the clubs of their Novo Basquete Brasil league.


If You Can't Beat Them, Join them

LeBron James


Decides to Start a Career In Jazz Music

LeBron James

Oh boy, that would be an ugly sight.

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