Think Suarez is Bad? What about These Folks?

June 25, 2014: Surely these sportsmen did far worse than Luis Suarez's bite.

It's Groundhog's day today as far as Luis Suarez and the use of his incisors is concerned. The cannibal residing in the Uruguay struck again on Tuesday night, this time leaving his teeth marks on Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini's shoulder.

The bizarre incident, third of the kind of his career, has solidified Suarez's position in the Sports' Hall of Shame.

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However, Suarez isn't the only lunatic to excel at a sporting discipline. Down below are seven athletes representing seven sports whose craziness exceeds far beyond Suarez's. When compared to them, Suarez seems like a cute puppy. Let's check who these guys are:

Basketball – Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman's biography at states that he is "arguably the best rebounding forward in NBA history." If it was up to us, we'd take the word 'arguably' out of it. With a career average of 13.1 and height of just 6 ft 7 in, the Worm definitely was the best defender the game has ever seen. But, he was also by far the baddest of the bad boys in his or any other sports.

In 1997, he kicked a cameraman in the crotch out of pure frustration. This was a year after he headbutted a referee in an NBA game. He also said Larry Bird was overrated, broadcasted an orgy on microphone, married himself and then became friends with Kim Jong-un of all people.

Honorable Mention: Ron "Metta World Peace" Artest


Boxing – Clifford Etienne

Mike Tyson is considered the craziest boxer ever to wear gloves, but what about his one-time ring opponent Clifford Etienne?

Nicknamed the Black Rhino, Etienne took up boxing while serving a 40-year prison sentence for an armed robbery. In the slammer, he worked hard on his skills, went 30-0, got released for good behavior and turned professional. He successfully swapped the darkness of prison for the limelight of the ring.

However, on one crazy day in 2005, the Rhino in him reared its ugly head. In a cocaine fueled crime spree, Ferguson robbed a check cashing business, committed a carjacking, kidnapped a family and attempted to shoot two cops. He is currently serving a 105-year prison sentence without possibility of parole.

Honorable mention: Iron Mike, of course.


Figure Skating – Tonya Harding

Sports hasn’t seen a crazier female athlete than Tonya Harding. She was a champion figure skater but her real claim to fame is that one crazy incident, which everyone tries to forget. During the 1994 U.S.

Figure Skating Championships in Detroit, she hired her boyfriend to deliver a beating to her competitor Nancy Kerrigan. Yes, really. However we have to ask, who does that?


Golf – John Daly

It's tough to find a truly crazy sportsman in an old man's game, but fortunately for our purpose, there exists John Daly in Golf. From his alcohol and drug addictions to his unbelievably erratic play, Daly is absolutely bonkers. His non-country club appearance and attitude, and his rough-and-tumble personal life is as anti-golf as it gets.

Honorable mention: Tiger Woods – after all who leaves a Swedish supermodel at home?


American Football – O.J. Simpson

It had to be O.J. Who else from Football can boast to being a double murderer, tax defaulter, kidnapper, robber, etc?

Honorable mention: Terrell Owens


Tennis – John McEnroe

American Tennis legend John McEnroe used to be an umpire's nightmare back in the 80s. He may be of slight build, but his foul-mouthed tirades would reduce any athlete from any discipline to tears.

Honorable mention: Mikhail Youzhny


Mixed Martial Arts – Lee "Lightning" Murray

MMA fighters, by default, are expected to be crazy due to the nature of their work. However, there is insane and then there is Lee "Lightning" Murray. Born in a part of South London that has been a traditional breeding ground for professional criminals, Murray regularly fought other boys growing up.

Murray's preferred method of attack was running into battle wind-milling his arms around his head with a "manic" expression on his face, a maneuver that combined with his protruding ears earned him the nickname of "Alien."

He got into numerous street brawls both before and after become a pro MMA fighter. His lowest point though came in 2006 when he masterminded a £53 million armed raid in Kent, England. He was convicted four years later and is now serving a 25-year sentence.

It was him about whom UFC president Dana White said, "He (Murray) is a scary son-of-a-bitch. And I don't mean fighter-wise."

Honorable mention: Brock Lesnar

So, all you Suarez haters out there. Do hate on him for what he has done but keep in mind he isn't the worst man in sports.


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