Watch This Goalkeeper Concede The Stupidest Goal Of 2014

And just in time to make the 2014 bloopers tape. One of the easiest tasks in football is for a goalkeeper to hoof the ball up front with no particular target.

As long as the ball is punted long distance away from the goal and remains in play, it's all good.

Of course, the one man you are supposed to evade is the opposing attacker who is closing in at full speed. It's a simple job really, but Swansea City custodian Lukasz Fabianski failed in every way.

In Monday night's Premier League encounter with Liverpool at Anfield, when Fabianski was fed a routine back pass by his teammate, his only job was to kick it hard and long. Instead, for some strange reason, the Poland international aimed his kick right at Reds midfielder Adam Lallana who was lurking nearby.

What happened was that the ball ricocheted off Lallana's chest and sailed into Fabianski's goal, leaving him red-faced, which serves him right.

Normally, it's Liverpool committing such comedic errors, so it's nice that they got something out of someone else's blunder.

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