Women's Basketball Players Show How to Fight a Real Fight

Does it compare to the Malice at the Palace? Probably not, but it does have at least one, clean slap.

girl fight

There is no love lost between Alabama and Auburn – we all know that. But in a women's basketball game between the two rivals on Thursday, things got a bit more heated than usual, even from their fiery standards.

A fight broke after just before half-time and right after a free throw. Alabama's Breanna Hayden and Auburn's Hasina Muhammad got needlessly tangled up, and Hayden slapped Muhammad in the face. As expected, Muhammad retaliated, a huge scuffle ensued and some punches were thrown as well.


Here's video of the fight in the AU/Bama women's basketball game. Ugly stuff.

A video posted by Brett Mixon (@brett_mixon) on

While there are brawls aplenty in the unruly world of sports these days, this one stands out because it has at least one clean strike. It means someone actually clocked another person here instead of the usual pushing, shoving and trash talking, which we find rather embarrassing.

Perhaps, the tough-looking male sports stars should take a leaf out of these ladies' book (Yes, we're talking about you Dwight Howard and Kevin Garnett). If they promised a fight, they made sure to deliver one.

There was one downside though. Hayden, Muhammad and another player were chucked out of the game.

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