Watch An American Daredevil Ride a 100-Foot Wave

One has to be out of his mind to even think of surfing a wave this mighty.

Four or five foot waves are often enough to make casual beachgoers retreat. Make that 20 feet and the sport of surfing enters “big wave surfing” territory, which fatalities tell us is no joke. This is why American surfer Garrett McNamara's successful riding of a purported 100-foot wave holds so much shock factor.

The 47-year-old Hawaiian daredevil accomplished what could be a world record feat at Portugal's Nazare beach, which is famous for serving up monstrous waves.

The video above shows the said wave – almost as tall as a 10-storey building – and a tiny dot maneuvering in the middle. That dot is Mr. McNamara. While onlookers believe it was a 100-foot wave, it can't be said with certainty just yet. The actual result will be released at the end of the surfing season.

McNamara's fascination with freakishly enormous rollers is nothing new. He had reportedly conquered a 100-footer at the same spot last year as well, but didn't submit his achievement to Guinness World Records. It goes without saying that his 2012 surfing of a 78-foot wave remains the official world record.

Whether his recent effort breaks the 100-foot barrier or not, one thing is sure, it takes one crazy fella to even attempt such a stunt.

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