This Is Why NBA Players Should Never Bowl

July 21, 2014: There are some things that NBA athletes should never try. This is one of them.

Never play Bowling with a Basketball player

NBA players are considered supreme athletes, who, thanks to their size, could not only just play but be successful in most sports. LeBron James, for example, could have had a decent career in football as well. Same was the case with another NBA legend Alan Iverson who critics say could have been a superstar quarterback in the NFL had he chosen that sport over basketball.

However, there is one particular sport that the NBA players should never participate in, as Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond recently found it. In a new Vine video, the 6-foot, 10-inch giant has demonstrated just why NBA players shouldn't bowl – at least not professionally.

Never play Bowling with a Basketball player

Why, you ask? Drummond, through his Vine, has shown that the in-game tendencies that players of the amazing game have don't translate into bowling. If tried inside a bowling arena, NBA-ers' habit of dribbling the ball, passing it around, and trying to nick it from the opposition player could cause huge problems.

Check out Drummond's Vine below:

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