Andy Murray Spills Big Secret About Teammate's Private Life On Live TV

Dominic Inglot will have some explaining to do to his girlfriend after what Muzza just said about him on live TV.

andy murray

Andy Murray was in jovial mood after masterminding Great Britain's Davis Cup win over the United States. In the post-match interview, the oft reserved Scot came out of his shell – so much that he ended up spilling an embarrassing secret about teammate Dominic Inglot's personal life.

When asked by Eurosport presenter Annabel Croft how he and his pals would be celebrating their big win, Murray said: "Dom's got a little girlfriend on the go here so he'll maybe celebrate with her this evening."

While everyone was laughing, the expression on Inglot's face was of disbelief because his actual girlfriend was home, and if Murray was to be believed, he was seeing someone else on the side in Glasgow.

He covered his face, blurted out an expletive before saying: "You've actually landed me in this. You’ve actually landed me in this, because I’ve actually got a girlfriend who's going to be watching this."

This is when the World No. 5 realized what he had done. He bent down on his knees before giving Inglot a hug. It remains unclear whether what Murray said was true or if he was just goofing around, but the whole thing is insanely funny.

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