Argentine Footballer Beaten Bloody By a Fan After Team Loses

Fans like these don't deserve to be anywhere near the Beautiful Game.

matias fritzler

Awful, abuse fans, always booing and brawling, are unfortunately a common sight at athletic matches. But they're saints as compared to the badass hooligans that frequent soccer matches in Argentina.

The world already knows Argentina is home to arguably the fiercest rivalry in sports, and now we have another incident that proves how violently passionate fans are over in South America.

The story here is of a midfielder Matías Fritzler who plays for Primera Division club Lanus. Following a 1-0 lose to Argentinos Junios, Fritzler was signing autographs when one of the fans clocked him in the face. It opened up a large gash above his left eye as blood came pouring down his face.

His assailant was identified as Matias Fadiga, who has since been banned for life from entering the stadium of his beloved team. A police inquiry has been launched too.

The footage above was taken immediately after Fadiga had thrown the punch. Fritzler can be seen agitated but is restrained from retaliating by stadium officials.

Life for footballers in Argentina can be very tricky sometimes. Fans of the Beautiful Game in that region revere their idols but they are also prone to unleashing their fury, as Fritzler will attest.

Last year in April, a bunch of ultras killed the captain of a football team in front of his wife and infant daughter. A month later, a female River Plate fan was brutally beaten by opposing Boca Juniors fans for wearing her team's jersey in front of them.

Argentina is one of the top exporters of football talent in Europe. The Argentina Football Association and the country's top clubs make millions each year from football. It's their responsibility to educate their fans and eradicate violent episodes of hooliganism out of their system.

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