Armored Knights Attack Each Other With Swords In The Most Bizarre MMA Fight

This is not a joke. A medieval knight fight inside an MMA ring and a ref did happen in Russia.


If MMA is the most favorite fighting sport of our times, then sword fight must have been the one that got folks excited in medieval times. At least that's what Game of Thrones has taught us.

Is it possible to combine the both? Not in our part of the world it isn't, but believe it or not, fight makers over in Russia do have such a hybrid sport. Yes, we're talking about armored MMA fighters with swords and all, fighting each other inside the octagon.

For the most part they swing their somewhat blunt blades at each other, but there can be punches, kicks, clinches and takedowns too. It sounds awesome right? Except that it's not quite.

Named the "medieval knight fight" and fought under the M-1 Global banner in Moscor, this sword fight is actually a bit of a bummer. If you expect Game of Thrones style skills, let us tell you in advance, these guys are no Ser Barristan or Syrio Forel.

It's getting a lot of traction in Russia though. In fact, what first started as a spectacle to keep the crowd entertained in between fights has now become a discipline in itself. M-1 is even thinking about having entire events dedicated to this bizarre sword fighting-cum-MMA.

Whatever floats their boat man. To be honest, these fights do have the novelty factor. And for that, you should better check it out.

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