Football Star Throws Shoe At Match Official For Bad Call

A good footballer he may be, but Arda Turan can't throw to save his life.

Arda Turan Throws His Boot at a Linesman,

Atletico Madrid winger Arda Turan is usually very calm and composed, but in Wednesday night's Copa del Rey clash with Barcelona, he did something that will forever etch his name in football's hall of shame.

With his team trailing 3-2 on the night, Turan got incensed when he wasn't awarded a free kick, which he thought he deserved. Moments later, his frustration boiled over as he launched his shoe toward the assistant referee (linesman).

Fortunately, his throw missed the ref, because if it hadn't Turan would've definitely seen a red and then some. Instead, the referee – who perhaps wasn't aware of what Turan had done – only served him with a yellow card. What's more, the league can't take any further action against him on the basis of the video evidence because Turan was booked. There's an arcane rule that prohibits the league from further reviewing cases that have already been dealt with on the pitch.

Now that you think of it, it couldn't have gone any better for Turan. He is one insane, but lucky man. After all, we know that Wayne Rooney was sent off for just clapping in the ref's face. And when David Prutton pushed a referee in the Premier League, he was slapped with a 10-match ban.

In the meantime, the Internet had a field day with Turan's shoe-throwing antics. 

Angry Arda Turan

Arda Turan Memes 

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