Australia’s Top Sportsman Adam Goodes Calls Out Racist Spectator, Receives Praise

Australian football player Adam Goodes is being praised after calling out a fan’s racist remark during last weekend’s much hypedIndigenous Round’ of AFL football.

The 13-year-old girl called Sydney Swans star an “ape” to which he responded without even wasting a second. He didn’t choose the usual way of response; instead he pointed her out to security who took her out of the premises.

 “It felt like I was in high school again being bullied. I don’t think I’ve ever been more hurt by someone calling me a name. Not just by what was said, by who it came from,” he later said in a press conference. 

A simple word like ape can cut me so deep. It’s derogatory. It not only hurts me, it hurts all black people everywhere.”

He also added: “There’s no place for racism in society. I’m going to continue to stand up here and keep saying it until it is completely rid of.”

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard said about his response:

"His words and actions today displayed the highest levels of respect and fairness - qualities he carries on and off the field."  

The girl has apologized for her racist comment and the events ended with national Sorry Day, a day that acknowledges the historical mistreatment of Aboriginal people.

Watch Goodes response to fan’s racist comment in the video above.

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