Awful. Jameis Winston's Attorney Tweets Name Of Rape Accuser

The quarterback's Florida State University hearing takes place in two weeks.

An attorney for Florida State University quarterback Jameis Winston posted the name of a woman who accused the football player of rape to his Twitter account on Tuesday.

"Mr. Winston's lawyer apparently likes to bully people and he has spent great efforts to get her name out there," said John Clune, an attorney for the woman. "That kind of intimidation tactic isn't going to get him very far here."

In attorney David Cornwell's tweet, the one that revealed the victim's name, he complained that he hasn't had enough time to prepare for a Florida State disciplinary hearing. The hearing, to be held the week of November 17th, will address the accusation of sexual assault in 2012 and will determine if Winston violated the university's student-conduct code that deals with sexual misconduct.

This isn't Winston's first brush with the law. In 2012, Winston was held at gunpoint by campus police for allegedly bringing a BB gun on campus and shooting at squirrels. No charges were filed. In July 2013, a Burger King employee called police to complain that Winston was stealing soda.  Earlier this year he received a one game suspension after he stood on a table and shouted disturbingly sexual lyrics from a popular viral video on campus.  In April 2014, Winston was issued an adult civil citation for shoplifting crab legs from a Tallahassee Publix store and was ordered to undergo 20 hours of community service. 

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