Back Heel Volley From 18 Meters Out Could Be Goal Of The Year 2015

This is quite clearly the mother of all back heel volley golazos.

There is a certain type of goal in football that only Zlatan Ibrahimovic can score. The big Swede's taekwondo prowess allows him to execute kicks from kinds of angles his peers cannot even think of attempting.

But now a video has emerged in which another footballer can be seen scoring what can be termed as Ibra-esque golazo.

The ball gets crossed in deep from the right wing but arrives just outside the box and behind this unidentified footballer's striking zone. Any other guy would've let it go or at least taken another touch to bring the ball under control, but not this dude.

He flicked it with the back of his leg and the ball flies over the hapless goalkeeper and into the back of the net for a goal that should be an early candidate for goal of the year.

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