This Awesome Version Of Basketball Is Going Extinct And Needs Our Help

It's a shame that this sport isn't played anymore.

The incredible height and otherworldly jumping skills on show in the NBA are what make basketball an incredibly fun game to watch. So imagine what it would be like if there was a sport that had players soaring even higher than NBA-ers.

This is what happens in Slamball.

This awesome sport is obviously inspired by basketball and is based upon the art of dunking. However, a Slamball court is partially made of trampolines, which gives its players superhuman leaping ability, the kind of which can never be seen in the more mainstream forms of basketball.

Slamball was created in 2002 by Mason Gordon who wanted to design a sport that mirrored the mechanism of video games.

The sport soon found itself an audience, but shortly after ran into financial troubles because of a lack of sponsorship. Its third and final season took place in 2008, after which nothing much has happened.

A Kickstarter project was recently launched to revive Slamball, but nothing came off it. It's a shame because judging by the highlights video at the top of this page, Slamball looks like an awesome sport that could turn into something big, if given adequate exposure.

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