Professional Soccer Player Scores Five Goals In Just Nine Minutes

He came in as a substitute but stole the show with his fiery performance. Robert Lewandowski’s coach just couldn’t believe it.

Robert Lewandowski

Polish professional soccer player, Robert Lewandowski joined in as a substitute during the halftime of Bayern Munich vs. Wolfsburg Bundesliga match on Tuesday and stole the show.

Things were not looking good when he came in as his team was down at 1-0. But just 5:40 into his performance, the situation took a turn for the better – or in this case, the best.

Lewandowski scored an incredible five goals in nine minutes, including the league’s fastest hat-trick, earning Bayern Munich an amazing 5-1 victory over Wolfsburg.

Have a look:

The 51st minute:


This one came in around 55th:


And the final one at 60th:

“I am very happy for Robert,” Bayern manager Pep Guardiola said after the game. “For his confidence and our future ,this was extremely important.

“I can’t really understand it. Five goals. Neither as a coach nor as a player did I ever experience something like this and I can’t really explain it. Five goals against Wolfsburg are never easy.”

Along with Lewandowski’s insane goals, Guardiola’s priceless reaction to his team’s victory is also going viral:

Says it all, doesn’t it?

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