Blind Teen Scores His Ultimate Dream

He inspired a team, and the team never gave up hope on him.

Jake Olson, USC, Trojans

Jake Olson always loved the USC Trojans, but he never thought he'd be able to play for the team.

That's because when Jake was a year old, he lost one of his eyes, due to Retinoblastoma. 

Until he was 12, Jake was able to fight off the cancer, which continuously came back a total of 8 times.

Throughout all of this, Jake was a diehard fan of the Trojans. 

Then, in 2009, he got some terrible news. The cancer came back, and he would be completely blind. His wish was to see the USC Trojans play one more time before losing his eyesight.

Jake Olson, USC, Trojans, Blind

Not only did Jake get to see them play, he got to hang out with the team. He rode on the bus with them, went into the locker room with them, and ultimately enjoyed watching the game which was so important to him.

On the night before Jake's surgery, he came to the USC field and the team gave him their wishes. Once he recovered, one of the players even came to visit him in the hospital.

Jake thought his dream of playing football, specifically for USC, was over forever.

However, his coaches didn't give up on him. The team worked with Jake to come up with strategies so that he could still play, despite not being able to see. They taught him how to snap the ball by listening to sounds of his teammates across the field.

Jake Olson, USC, Trojans, Football, Blind

Now, six years later, Jake has achieved his dream, and with the help of an organization called Swim with Mike, Jake will be heading to USC in the fall with a full scholarship. Swim with Mike, founded by Ron Orr, helps disabled athletes go to school. 

Right now, Jake isn't technically on the team, but his coach is helping to work with the NCAA to get Jake playing soon.

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