Body Builders Drinking Breast Milk In Latest Crazy Health Trend

Body builders are reportedly buying breast milk in the attempt to bulk up.

Body builders buy breast milk to bulk up.

Wondering what the new health craze might be? It looks like it might be drinking breast milk.

Apparently drinking breast milk is a trend among weightlifters looking for that secret something to help them bulk up muscle and stay healthy. reported that on one forum someone said, “In my eyes anyone who is not lactose intolerant is selling his gains short if he is not supplanting with breast milk and a lot of it.”

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But where are these weightlifters even getting the breast milk to begin with? Apparently there are breast milk banks where women can make up to $1200 a month for selling their milk. They may also be getting them from personal acquaintances or through online forums and local exchanges such as Craigslist.

Body builders and weight lifters at gym are doing new crazy health trend of buying breast milk usually for a baby to try to gain muscle and bulk up.

Breast milk has numerous benefits for babies and can help them fight certain diseases. But experts are skeptical about what benefits they offer grown men.

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There could actually be some serious health risks associated with drinking breast milk. A Pawlowski from Today warned that milk is a bodily fluid and if untested, it can carry diseases such as HIV or hepatitis. One nutritionist, Elisa Zied, said “Bottom line: I find the idea of an adult using human breast milk for health benefits unsubstantiated by science.”

WZZM-TV decided to take a look at the numbers and see if they really add up.

Health benefits of Breast Milk versus Cow Milk

So would you drink breast milk? 



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