Hockey Noob Takes On The Biggest Dude, Gets KO'd With Single Punch

There is a reason why NHL players avoid getting into a fistfight with Zdeno Chara.

cedric paquette

If you're the new kid on the block and are still trying to mix in, the last thing you need is to mess with the biggest, baddest dude there is.

Apparently, Tampa Bay Lightning newbie Cedric Paquette isn't familiar with common sense. Why else would he get physical with Boston Bruins captain Zdeno Chara – a 6'9" defenseman and the tallest player ever to play in the NHL?

In Tampa Bay's clash with the Bruins on Tuesday night, Chara was booked for boarding Matt Carle. Now players get pushed and shoved by the Slovakian giant all the time. It's really no big deal. But Paquette took an exception to his teammate being bullied in front of him. Moments later, the 21-year-old tried avenging Carle by getting into Chara's face.

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A few jostles later, he threw a punch at Chara, who remained unmoved. But then Chara clocked him and down went poor Paquette clutching his face. One decisive shot is all it took for the man-mountain to floor the respect-seeking noob. It was literally like FIGHT! BAM! KO!

zdeno chara

Since being drafted by Tampa Bay in 2012, Paquette has spent most of his time learning his trade in the AHL. Whether he has honed his hockey skills or not, one thing is obvious: He quite clearly hasn't learnt to pick his battles.

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